contributors' gallery

MY WAY: 31 Stories of Independent Autism features autistic adults from 15 countries. 
Some of the protagonists:

Cassandra Heng
(from story Dolphins)

Anita Lesko (from story Jungle)

Lee Qiu Wei
(from story Cheers)

Birsen Basar (from story Success)

Jeremy Samson (from story Time to Train)

John Greally
(from story Christmas Tree)

Adrien Zurfluh (right) with his Dad 
(from story Wolf)

Stephen Mark Shore (from story Interests)

Dena Gassner (from story Disclosure)

Monique Blakemore
(from story Advocacy)

Bill Wong
(from story Blueprint)

Sarah Hendrickx (from story Marathon)

Khor Kuan Min
(from story Above the Water)

Dave Duffy
(from story Bubbles)

Sia Sin Wei
(from story Pop a Pill)

Thinesh Jayakumar
(from story Good for the Good)

Thomas Lee 
(from story Conglomerate)

Rhi Williams (from story A Perfect Version)

Ewa-Lotta Mattiasson 
(from story Shining Armour)

Bob Christian (left) with his wife
(from story Batman)